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“Accordingly, just as it was said to the Egyptians of old in time of famine: 'Go to Joseph,' so that they should receive a supply of corn from him to nourish their bodies, so We now say to all such as are desirous of the truth: 'Go to Thomas,' and ask him to give you from his ample store the food of substantial doctrine wherewith to nourish your souls unto eternal life.”

Pope Pius XI, Studiorum Ducem (1923)
Praise for the Book of Gomorrah

“Hoffman has produced a highly read- able translation of St Peter Damian’s most famous work. . . .[He] has done a great service to his readers in preparing this edition.”  -Joseph Shaw, Research Fellow at St. Benet’s Hall, Oxford 

“Scholars of ecclesiastical history . . .will appreciate this readily accessible and faithful translation of the Liber Gomorr-hianus.” – Daniel Van Slyke, S.T.L, Ph.D, Associate Professor of Theology at Holy Apostles College


The Twenty-Four Thomistic Theses

The Principles of
Thomistic Philosophy

By Fr. Edouard Hugon, O.P
Master of Dogmatic Theology,
Angelicum College, Rome

Translated, with notes, by:
Francisco J. Romero
Carrasquillo, Ph.D.