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Ite ad Thomam Books and Media was founded in July 2015 by Francisco
Romero Carrasquillo, Ph.D., to bring scholarly works in the Occidental
tradition of philosophy and theology to a modern audience of both
academics and laymen, in the spirit of the papal dictum “Ite ad Thomam”
(“Go to Thomas”), in reference to Thomas Aquinas, the greatest of the
Medieval philosophers, whose thought has come to epitomize the Western
synthesis of faith and reason

Dr. Romero received his Ph.D. in Medieval Philosophy from Marquette
University in 2009, and his M.A. in Theology from Franciscan University at
Steubenville in 2013. He is currently an associate professor of philosophy
at the Panamerican University, Guadalajara, and has also taught at Oregon
State University and Marquette. He has authored dozens of scholarly
articles for academic journals and conferences, and is the translator of
A Manual of Scholastic Thomism. la-llae. Cosmology. (Frankfurt: Ontos
Verlag, 2012). His academic webpage can be found here.