Book of Gomorrah cover image Ite ad Thomam Books and Media brings scholarly works in the Occidental
tradition of philosophy and theology to a modern audience of both academics
and laymen, in the spirit of the papal dictum “Ite ad Thomam” (“Go to
Thomas”). We believe that the philosophy and theology of St. Thomas
Aquinas captures the essence of what Pope Benedict XVI referred to as the
“Hellenistic” dimension of Western thought, the Greek spirit of rational
inquiry informed by the historic Christian faith, and particularly the
Fathers of the Church. This scholastic synthesis of faith and reason
produced a treasury of great insights that continues to be relevant today,
and which form a foundation for further philosophical and theological

Our first publication is the Book of Gomorrah, a masterful translation of St.
Peter Damian’s eleventh-century treatise on the crisis of sodomy among
priests and monks, a work that has deep relevance for the contemporary
crisis in the priesthood. Read more about it here.